Quality Control

  • quality control

  • About the quality, we guarantee the best quality control system. At the first, all the rough slabs will be checked one by one.
    None inferior should be confirmed, then it will be cut on the cut machine; and then our workers will polish them by hand.

This is one of the most important steps; we need to make sure the surface is polished homogeneous, so that the black granite surface just look like a black mirror, it is very beautiful. And also, according to our clients’ demand, we process all the steps seriously till it is totally and perfectly finished.

quality control

In the end, there will be another quality control’s person go to check all the products one by one once again. And also, the design will be checked too.
We have engaged this industry for more than 25 years, the package is always strong, none complaint was happened. Our rich experience could be absolutely trusted.