Black Granite Block

Black Granite Block

Thanks for our geographical advantage;

we can get many kinds of stone material easily. Especially for China black granite block.

China black granite mainly includes Hebei black granite and Shanxi black granite and Mongol black granite.

Hebei black ganite and Shanxi black granite are two of the best black stone materials in China.

black granite block

They have many similar aspects: same flintiness; same brightness; same density, and so on. The difference between them is that the pattern’s color is white and black or green and black.

And as we are located under the Taihang mountains, there also have others stone materials such as: Beida Gray granite, Butterfly Green granite, Butterfly Blue granite, New 603 (this kind of G603 is more harder than the G603 from Fujian) , Pink flower granite, Red granite, Forest Green, etc.

granite block

Most of the time, we purchase the irregularly shaped blocks, and then cut it to the suitable sizes. It is more lower cost for us. The irregularly shaped blocks are cheaper than the regularly shaped blocks.

Of course, if you need the regularly shaped blocks, we also can arrange it for you. The size can be customized.